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Our biogas-powered systems generate clean, cheapest and economical and sustainable power, heat and cooling energy for agricultural farms, sewage and water treatment and landfills.
We offer a range of CHP systems with varying features and specifications.

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Biogas Power Generation Project, Renewable Energy Create High Value

Biogas power generation is a biogas utilization technology that has emerged along with the development of large biogas digesters and comprehensive utilization of biogas. Biogas power generation with energy-saving, energy saving, safety and environmental protection and other characteristics, is a widely distributed and inexpensive distributed energy.

Power gas  generators Manufacturing leader HAITAI Power

Gas Generators, Clean And Reliable Energy

Gas generator is a new type of high efficiency new energy generator that uses combustible gas such as biogas, natural gas, liquefied gas and the like to replace gasoline and diesel as engine power. Gas generator with a wide range of output power, start and run high reliability, power generation quality, light weight, small size, easy maintenance, low-frequency noise and so on.

Power gas  generators Manufacturing leader HAITAI Power

Biomass Gasification Power Generation, Integrated Application Of Energy Value

Biomass energy is from solar energy which is stored in the biomass.
Biomass gasification is the way produce a higher grade of combustible gas by heating solid biomass in a gasifier, while introducing air, oxygen or water vapor. The use of biomass energy has a positive effect on the establishment of distributed energy, the disposal of agricultural waste, and the improvement of energy efficiency.



HAITAI POWER (Pulita New Energy)is a leader manufacturer specializing in continuous and emergency power generation equipment that established in 2010.
+ The company integrates design, research and development, and manufacturing.
+ Expert Product Knowledge & Advice
+ More than 15 Years Industry Experience
+ Certified By CE&ISO
+ System installation, commissioning and staff training
+ Strictly Quality Inspection
+ Fast Delivery Time


NEW Machinery® brand is a global distributor and supplier of Gas and biogas generators, biomass power plants and industrial heaters and boilers.
We are representative brand as:
HAITAI Power ® - industrial gas-biogas-diesel generators.
Pulita New Energy ® - industrial biogas systems. (HAITAI Power brand)
Henan Taiguo Boiler ® - industrial boilers.


HAITAI Power The company WeiFang HAITAI POWER Machinery Co was founded by Mr. John Wang in 2012, composed of two subsidiaries, one is the import and export company, responsible for self-product and extension of the import and export business, the other is Shandong Pulita New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., is mainly responsible for product production, research and development and services.

HAITAI POWER has a long experience in producing and supplying environmentally friendly and high performing gasification systems and gas generator sets. We are specialized in biomass and waste gasification to energy systems and have a company history of 11 years.
Our gasification energy systems can convert various types of biomass, waste into: electricity, process steam, drying, industrial heating, district heating and etc.

Haitai power has its own Development, Design, production and Project Management Departments.

Our factory is located in the Sino-foreign Cooperation Industrial Park in the Binhai Economic Development Zone of Weifang, China.
It covers an area of more than 30,000 square meters, including 10,000 square meters of production workshops, with a designed annual production capacity of 10KVA-4000KVA generating sets of 10,000 units. Products from the purchase of raw materials, drawing design, production process and manufacturing process all strictly implement the ISO9001 international quality system standard, and have passed the EU CE certification.
The factory has built a large parts warehouse, which can ensure the timely supply of parts and the positive response of the service while providing cost-effective products.

Our Corporate Culture:
We strive to meet all legal and ethical requirements. Our responsibility is to conduct our business in accordance with the highest occupational, ethical standards and practices. The company will not tolerate any non-compliance.
Our principle of "courageous and responsible" is our compass for making business decisions. We must also encourage our business partners, suppliers, and other stakeholders to follow the same high ethical standards.
Innovation has become the cornerstone of our success. R & D is the basic motivation for our development strategy.
Whether it is already mature technology, or the technology being developed, we are all customers strong partners. Our goal is to have a first-rate place in the business.
Our Vision:
To be the best power solutions in the world
Our Mission:
To Be The Best Partner Of Electric Power Equipment
Our Values:
1. We are customer driven and aspire to delight them.
2. We are for and respect people.
3. We invest in continuous improvement and strive to be best.
4. We create win-win partnerships.
5. We believe in honesty integrity and transparency in everything we do.

HAITAI  POWER ISO Certificates

European technology | High Standard
According to the potential requirements of major customers in Europe and the United States, refined management, modular design, product quality more superior.
Integrity-centered | Satisfactory services
Consistent adherence to integrity and service, Provide the best solution to users,accompanied by cooperation with suppliers and customers, temper forward.
Low-carbon products | Excellent performance
Lower emissions, higher efficiency, PULITA NEW Energy focus on the application of renewable energy , social services is the purpose of business development.
Industrial Zone, Bohai Road, Zhujiang Street, Binhai Economic and Technology Development District, Weifang City, China

ABOUT the Henan Taiguo Boiler

Henan Taiguo Boiler Manufacturing Co., Ltd founded in 1976, is the professional manufacturer of Grade A industrial boilers.
The company covering an area of 60, 000 m2, construction area of 45, 000m2, owning independent physical and chemical laboratories.
Henan Taiguo Boiler offer various industrial boilers, including Gas & Oil Fired Boiler, Coal Fired Boiler, Biomass Fired Boiler, Electric Heating Boiler, Thermal Oil Boiler, Steam Generator, Pressure Vessel, Hot Air Furnace, etc.

Taiguo Boiler products have been exported to more than 80 countries all over the world. We have gained the certificates of ISO 9001, ASME, CE, etc.To guarantee the quality of products, 8 quality assurance systems are set, include design, technology, material physical and chemistry, welding, testing, inspection, measurement equipment, production. We have many advanced equipment on processing, welding, inspection and testing, such as CNC plasma cutting.

Industrial Zone, Bohai Road, Zhujiang Street, Zhangji Industrial Park, Zhangji Town, Taikang County, Zhoukou, Henan, China (Mainland) This is attract buyers from all over the world.
That's why our customers get the most innovative and reliable machinery at the lowest possible price.

Also we are open to custom made production (ODM/OEM).
This can include customization to your specifications with your logo and/or your chosen pantone colour.

Our product categories have been widely used in construction, mining, petrochemical, agriculture, firefighting, rescue and the private sector.
Our customers include the public and private sector companies, international aid agencies and private individuals from Africa, Australia, Europe, Middle Est and America.

We offer short lead times for even on the largest orders.
Also for all vehicles and equipment are available a complete warranty sales service and full spares back up.
Our suppliers make sure that repair parts meet the highest quality norms. This allows us to guarantee the quality of the assortment.
HAITAI Power customers

Worldwide Exports

We can provide a comprehensive freight forwarding service with 12-month warranty.

Exports to any part of the world are possible and our freight department can deal with any shipment of equipment whether its 1 item or 1000 items.
We can offer different transport methods to help you determine which method is most suitable for your targeted deadline.
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Special price on Cummins generators from 25 to 350KVA
Cummins diesel generators can be applied as main power or emergency generator.
The sets design for continuous power supply in view of its advanced technology ,reliable performance and long working hours.


EU quality European technology High Standard. According to the potential requirements of major customers in Europe and the United States, refined management, modular design, product quality more superior.

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