Advantages of Biomass Gasification System

1.High Degree of Automation
It can be unattended for 20 hours.
The system is interconnected and interlocked, with high security, one-key start and stop, and strong stability.
The 3.5G remote smart energy management system can remotely manage the energy system to facilitate supervision.
The normal operation of the system requires only one person to be on duty, with low workload and suitable for long-term use.
High security, in case of emergency, it will automatically shut down to eliminate hidden dangers and wait for engineer rescue.
2.Long Service Life
The system is made of more than about 30% stainless steel material, with a design life of 20 years.
The electrical appliance brands used in the system are all well-known European brands, and the motors are all Chinese first-line brands.
The system is all built with modular steel structure, which reduces the cost of civil construction and increases the service life.
The generator sets are all domestic first-line brands, which can achieve 8,000 hours/year of power generation.
3.The System Energy Utilization Rate is High, And By-Products Turn Waste Into Treasure
The cooling water heat energy of the gasification system is used for drying raw materials.
The thermal energy of the generator set is used to produce hot water or steam
There is no waste of excess energy in the whole system, all of which are recycled to improve the overall efficiency of the system.
Biochar, wood tar and wood vinegar can be purified by secondary use to increase the added value of products.
4.More Compact System Design<br> The modular design of the system makes equipment installation easier
The system space utilization rate is larger, which improves the use space of the site
Reduce redundant supporting equipment, reduce the overall energy consumption and investment of the system

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