2022-05-28 | How to reduce the fuel consumption of excavators?

How to reduce the fuel consumption of excavators?
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How to save fuel for excavators has become one of the most concerned topics for users. With the least fuel consumption, more money can be made.
This is naturally the result that every excavator operator hopes. It is naturally more difficult to achieve the purpose of fuel saving un
der the premise of the life of the engine.

In order to achieve the purpose of saving fuel, there are many points that the operator needs to pay attention to in the process of operating the excavator. Below, we have sorted out the 4 major fuel saving books shared by the old driver, and analyzed how to save fuel from the perspective of operation.

1 Proficient in the correct operation of excavators
In order to reduce unnecessary operations that increase fuel consumption in excavators, the premise is that you must first know the basic operations of excavators well, and master the correct operations of loading, walking, turning, leveling, and slope repairing. Who is to blame for the oil consumption of the excavator with a poor foundation, especially to remind the novice who has just entered the industry to listen to the advice of the old master and learn to excavate well.

2 Reduce unnecessary idling
If you want to save fuel, you must reduce the necessary idle speed of the engine. It should be clear that when the excavator is running at idle speed, it is also using the hydraulic pump to circulate the hydraulic oil. The longer the idle time, the more fuel is wasted. The correct fuel-saving operation method is to try not to drive the excavator at idle speed during standby and rest, which is one of the secrets of fuel-saving.

3 Reduce engine speed
During the same excavation operation, when the engine is at the highest speed, the operation speed is fast, but the fuel consumption is high; when operating under the non-full throttle, the engine speed should be appropriately reduced (without affecting the operation efficiency), although the operation speed is somewhat Reduced, but can reduce fuel consumption and improve fuel efficiency.

4 Non-full-throttle walking
It is best to walk under the non-full throttle of the engine. Everyone should know that the higher the engine speed, the faster the walking speed and the higher the fuel consumption. Reducing the engine speed during operation can improve the fuel consumption efficiency when walking.

The above is the operation method that Xiaowang has summarized for you to reduce fuel consumption. If you are still worried about high fuel consumption, you must learn it.

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How to reduce the fuel consumption of excavators?

How to reduce the fuel consumption of excavators?

How to reduce the fuel consumption of excavators?

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