2022-07-25 | Sales of rotary drilling rigs increase

Sales of rotary drilling rigs increase
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It is reported that piling machinery meets the needs of drilling and piling in different geology. my country's vast territory and complex geological conditions have created powerful growth conditions for the development of piling machinery. In the 1980s, my country began to introduce foreign advanced hydraulic rotary drilling rigs. Some domestic construction machinery manufacturers increased their research and development efforts on pile machinery products, and a group of pile machinery enterprises with strong independent innovation ability came to the fore.

In recent years, driven by national policy support and market demand, the construction machinery industry has shown a booming development trend. Among them, piling machinery, as one of the main equipment for engineering construction, has been fruitful. According to the statistics of the Pile Machinery Branch of the China Construction Machinery Society, the sales of pile equipment have continued to rise in the past five years. In 2016, the sales of the main types of rotary drilling rigs were 1,782; The sales volume of rotary drilling rigs alone reached 6,833 units, a year-on-year increase of more than 23% and a record high in the industry. However, in 2022, affected by multiple factors such as the impact of the epidemic on the supply chain, rising raw material prices, and the industry is still in a downward cycle, the production and sales of the pile machinery industry represented by rotary drilling rigs will decline significantly.

Although the confidence of industry practitioners has gradually recovered with the improvement of the epidemic prevention and control situation and the continuous increase of local investment, the pile machinery industry will still be under pressure in the short term due to the long investment transmission cycle. From a long-term perspective, actively exploring the international market and countering industry cyclical factors through internationalization are still a "must answer" for enterprises.

As we all know, due to the impact of the new round of COVID-19 that started in early March this year, the production and operation of many companies have been suspended to varying degrees, and the supply chain terminals and production capacity of some companies have fallen significantly. With the full restoration of normal production and living order in Shanghai on June 1, supply and production of many enterprises, including pile machinery enterprises, have gradually resumed.

Although the production capacity has been restored, taking Shanghai enterprises as an example, after entering June, the factories are not running at full capacity. The lack of overall demand in the industry is an important reason for the decline in sales of rotary drilling rigs. According to the statistics of 11 rotary drilling rig manufacturers by the Pile Machinery Branch of China Construction Machinery Society, from January to June this year, 11 companies sold 1,996 rotary drilling rigs of various types, a year-on-year decrease of 50.61%. From the perspective of 11 rotary drilling rig manufacturers, the industry downturn has also caused the profits of some related companies to shrink.

An important factor in the overall downturn of the market is that the industry has not yet come out of this cycle. The pile machinery industry has entered a downward cycle from 2021. From historical experience, each cycle lasts about three to five years, which makes the market less optimistic about the industry's near-term prospects. But in fact, the pile machinery industry has experienced five years of high-speed growth from 2016 to 2021, and a moderate decline in growth and even negative growth are expected, which is a characteristic of the industry.

The main application scenarios of products in the pile machinery industry are infrastructure construction, real estate construction and mining operations. Among them, the field of infrastructure construction is the top priority, digesting most of the industry products. At the beginning of this year, many investment plans have been announced in the field of infrastructure construction from the central government to the local government, but the industry generally believes that the implementation of projects requires a certain period, which is also the reason why the industry is under great pressure in the first half of this year. From the announcement of the project, to the availability of funds, to purchasing building materials and leasing machinery and equipment, this cycle will not be too long. Therefore, looking at the overall industry sales in the second half of 2022, there will be a steady rise in market performance.

The industry generally believes that compared with the domestic market, although the growth rate of the international market is faster, the difference in size is an order of magnitude, and it is difficult to play a specific supporting role in the performance of enterprises in the industry. Expanding the international market is a "must answer", but it takes a long time to work.

As investment plans in various places are successively implemented and transmitted to the pile machinery industry, the market is optimistic that the industry will go out of the "low before and high" trend throughout the year. Looking at my country's policy analysis: domestic epidemic fluctuations will have a certain impact on the first half of the year, but it is expected that infrastructure investment and major projects will only be delayed, not reduced, or even increased. Under the main line of steady growth, infrastructure projects will be implemented in large quantities, the real estate is expected to stabilize and rebound, and the demand for the pile machinery industry will gradually be released.

At this stage, there is still a large demand for infrastructure construction in my country. The construction scale of single projects such as rail transit and high-speed railway shows a trend of large-scale construction, and the performance and quality requirements of pile machinery are continuously improved. At the same time, the pace of my country's pile machinery industry's entry into overseas markets has been accelerating, and large enterprises have more export advantages. From this point of view, the future development prospects of my country's leading pile machinery enterprises will be better. Especially with the increase in the number of imported and domestic pile construction machinery in my country year by year, how to make good use and management of these expensive pile construction machinery to maximize efficiency, mechatronics is undoubtedly the development of pile construction machinery now and in the future. direction.

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Sales of rotary drilling rigs increase

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